Compañía Palleti Títeres, was firs founded in 1993 by Esmeralda Peralta and Leticia Negrete (Pre-school Educator and History of Art Graduate, and Pre-school Educator  and Theatre Teacher, respectively).

Since its very beginning, Palleti has been engaged to show the  richness of the marionette as an expression of art in a vivid manner, so as to put children in contact with an essential, symbolic and magical language.

Palleti presents their performances to the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Sercretaría de Educacion Pública and CONACULTA.


1997: Palleti opened the XV Internacional Puppet Festival (Festival Internacional de Marionetas), in Tolosa, Spain, dedicated to México.

1999: Palleti assisted to the First International Puppet Meeting (Primera Jornada Intermacional de Titeres), Managua, Nicaragua.

1998: Palleti participated in 4th Cultural festival of the Eighteen Street, Chicago, Ill.U.S.A.

1999: Palleti was invitated again to the XVII International Puppet Festival (Festival Internacional de Marionetas), Tolsa, Spain, dedicated to Brazil.

2000: Palleti formed part of 7º Veranos de la Villa Puppet Festival (Fista del Titere de los Veranos de la Villa), Madrid, Spain.

2001: Palleti first performed its play Flor sin Raíz (Flower without a Root) thanks to the grant received from the Program for Cultural Projects and Coinversions Encouragement Program (Programa de Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales FONCA).

2004: The first performance of Palleti's Emilia and her red balloon play was possible thanks to the grant obtained from the Nationl Institute of the Fine Arts (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes), México.

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